Ask yourself this: Is It true to you?

“Who cares what people think. If it feels right, go for it. Be Bold and dare to reach out and up while connected to whatever you call ‘It,” which grounds you.”

— Pretty much the “bottom-line” of ANY BADASS I KNOW OF.

Like the subtitle says, “It,” is what my site’s about.

“It.” Yes, you know what I mean. That Substantial Essence of Life that we can’t quite put our finger on as Humans.

I’m talkin’ from Peens and Vageens (dicks and pussies) to our connection to Humanity and Spirituality.

That’s correct. I just said that. Trust me, I will guide you to the Promise Land every sage had spoke about. It’s more simple than it sounds. As humans, the difficulty lies in getting the hell out of our own way.

We’ve all got our own battles to face. We’re challenged every day.

Until we discover peace within ourselves within those challenges, they’ll keep coming to teach us until we get “It.”

It, is all about keeping our cool in the midst of our own disasters.

Sometimes we need to go into solitude like other sages had. There, we our faced with our Self. There, we develop the Edge to cut-off any bullshit.

Here’s what’s up: The “cool” in us, is the same energetic substance as our own “chaos” within. Also, every natural phenomenon of life is the effect of that same energetic substance moving from a cause (whether it be intended or just an accident). You’re already familiar with a lot of Universal Principles, such as the Principle of Cause and Effect, which I just mentioned. Some call it, “karma”, or “reaping what is sown”, “what goes around comes around”, et cetera.

I’ll fill you in on this stuff along the way. Beleive me, I’m not one to pretend to be some “hocus-pocus-magical-woowoo-all-is-just-fine-look-at-me-I’m-so-holy-and-spiritual” kind of dude.

I’m going to keep it real. I’m going to share what I know. And, I’m going to articulate it from the perspective of my life experience.

Also, I will simplify and share the creative resources I’ve used or developed from my process of self-actualization.

Trust me, it will all smooth out into the Good Vibe we all recognize.

As grateful as I am to have realized my Spirit’s Interiority of “Self,” which is that same Spirit of One Breath shared by others who get “It,” I am grateful to share with you.

Now, what is “It”?
Is is it the Stephen King Movie with that funky ass clown? No.

That’s not the “It” I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the quality of Life moving in Harmony with Nature. In Hawaii, we understand the concept of Universal Harmony as “Pono.” It’s the meaning of “Good” that we Humans throw around in vain.

This “It” that we can’t quite put a finger on is the Force of Life. Yes, “Life Force.” Throughout history, cultures around the world labeled “It” with names many of us may use in recreational activities—Prana, Qi, Mana, Ki, Ka, Balance, Charisma, Moxi, Gusto, Balls, Mojo, Juice, Charm, Truth, Heart, Poise, Christ, Gravitas, Alignment, Centerdness, In-Tunement, Tapped-In, Turned-On, Talent, Word, Drive, Presence, Voice, Grace, Goods, Passion, and as I simply mentioned, It.

I have “It.” You have “It.” We all have “It.” Call it whatever you wanna call it, but I appreciate every translation. Every story of It’s Truth is beautiful, no matter the religion, culture, or spiritual journey. We all have It to share.

To me, the substance of It being shared is what I’ve been raised in Hawaii to know as, “Aloha.” In order to create the Universal Harmony in Flow with Nature, my translation of the Hawaiian concept “Pono”, we must do our parts as Individuals to cultivate It within ourselves. Then, and only then, may our Hearts overflow in Authenticity to genuinely share Real Love with others.

So, this site is about “It” driving me. I can’t exactly put my finger on what it’s about because this is part of my process in loving myself. See, I’m putting myself out here in order to channel my “It” into where it wants to go. This is a bold voyage of self-discovery. All I know is that my body is just a vessel—an instrument. I can’t stand holding on to it without making noise anymore. I’m just gonna start jammin’. I trust in the process that music will find itself from the noise. Clarity will reveal itself from the smoke and mirrors. Simplicity of Word will articulate itself from stormy thoughts. Peace will ascend from turbulent emotions.

Thank you for subscribing to my story in this beatiful journey we call Life. I hope to inpire the “It” within you, no matter what you call it. I encourage you to develop it as your own guide to show you Your Way of Being, Becoming, and Thriving Authentically as Spirits facing this Human Experience.


“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

― Martin Luther King Jr. (From Speech: A Testament of Hope)