A Psalm of King: I Will Be Your Structure

Art, Poetry, Prose, Spirituality

I was so afraid to face you…

I felt uncomfortable in every sense of my Being.

I nearly went the wrong way by listening to the temptations of others who you warned me about.

You warned of the ones who faked Truth by calling themselves the Light…

Now I know…

You are the Queen who Powers me from the Inside out…

…a king cannot Reach His Full Potential without the Strength of a Queen behind him…

and in this case, WITHIN ME… and ALL AROUND ME. 

I Surrender to the Darkness of your Unknown. 

You are my ALL.

You are everyone’s ALL.

You are… THE ALL.

Your name is I AM.

And I know you.

I Am Worthy to Hold Space for You.

I Embrace Your Currents— Peaceful or Chaotic—You Can Trust Me.

Use me.

I will not break character.

I Will Be Your Structure
A Psalm of King