A Message From Hawaii

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Here is a way in Resolving The Issue.
What I mean by Issue is, All Issues.

Solution: Becoming Aloha.

We are Aloha already.
There is no need to find it anywhere else but inside your Self.

The problem is that we cannot see it through the murky bullshit we’ve grown to learn, believe in, and unfortunately have become comfortable in.

Of course, it’s uncomfortable to get rid of our bullshit. …We got used to it. It’s also uncomfortable to go out and get rid of bullshit. Too much work, or “too much shit to go through.”

Time to dig in and literally Cut that Shit Out. That’s what I say.

We are One.

The Less Bullshit we have the More Aloha will Connect Easier and Faster.

We must learn how to Accept… and Surrender.

That’s a lot of shit to deal with.
Black figure vase by the Eagle Painter, ca. 525 BCE, now in the Getty Museum (© 2008 Wolfgang Sauber)

Before Hercules went to fight the Hydra Monster, he asked an oracle for wisdom. The new frame of mind he used to confront this particular “Issue” was this:
“In order to Conquer, we must Surrender. In order to Rise, we must Kneel. In order to Have, you must Let Go.”

When braddah Hercules went out, again, to take care of the Hydra (by “take care” I mean get rid of), he practiced the advice. Instead of chopping off its head, which generated two-more heads, he dropped his weapons and approached it without fear. The Hydra didn’t take defense. Not knowing how strong Hercules was, the Hydra allowed him close enough to get under it. Hercules lifted the Hydra above his head and into the light where it’s body disintegrated, but not the heads. Each head, which contained the Infinite Living Mind, dropped. Hercules took each head and buried it underground, where it’s purified Mind could reconnect to the Universe, and give life to Good Things. (This is my interpretation from having to translate Archaic Latin texts in the University of Hawaii at Manoa).

I am blessed to see over Religions and Political Parties. I am blessed to see over Race and Self-Destructiveness. I’ve learned quite a lot in those fields. I can see separation, and I can see Connection.

I see what Jesus saw. I see what Buddha saw. I’ve seen what the Atheist sees. I see what Martin Luther King Jr. saw. I see what Abraham Lincoln saw. I saw what Bob Marley sang about. I see what King Kamehameha saw and Queen Liliuokalani… and I can go on. It’s Infinite because my Spirit is Infinite and so is Yours. I can see in the Dark. That’s what the Aloha Spirit does.

What is my vision? I see everyone Becoming Aloha. This doesn’t mean to just “Be Nice.” Hell to the no. This means Caring and saying something because you CARE. It means standing up. It means sitting down. It means knowing that you are responsible for your Self and in doing what you know as to be Right. Call it faith, or call it grace. I call it Becoming.

I see face to face communication and freedom… with another body who calls their Self, “I”.
I see the Power of Love to Transform.

Recognize: The I in me is the I in you. This is the I, in Hawai’i

This post is not for me. This post is for you.

The I in me is the I in You.
I’m just a tool. I’m just a Servant. I’m just a guy given the first name, King. I’m human, and so I don’t know all the answers. But there is something in me that I do know…. and I’ll Trust it with Unwavering Commitment.
Maybe the purpose for The One I Serve, whom I call my Master Sage, was to post this message and then kill me with a heart attack, Idk. I’m not the Answer. But what I do know is this. Before I die, I’ll be happy to know that I didn’t live it in vain. I did what I had to do. And the moment I fall asleep, whether by fire, water, air, weapon, or even if I accidentally slipped in some bullshit and broke my neck, that I did what I had to do and take full accountability for it.
I don’t want to live life as an effect. I want to be a cause that inspired the causes of others to reach their higher potential—to wake up, to grow, to bloom. I want to be Mahalo.

Lesson: the meaning of Mahalo is not “Thank you,” or “Rubbish Bin”…
Mahalo means, “From Deep, down, beneath, or under this Solid Foundation of who I am, I am binding with no separation, to who you call ‘I am,’ and at this moment. And our two or more faces that come together that share One Breathe of the Infinite Living Mind that we call ‘I’, we connect to make MANA. Life-Force. It is the act of Aloha. A constant state of reaching out, growing, connecting, and becoming.” That is my interpretation.

I want my breath, my Ha, to Mahalo with every exhale. I want to expel negativity within me and flow easily to rise in positive Vibes, which I’m sure is the same interest of yours. If not, (and what I mean is that “through FEAR” there is no initiative to acknowledge the connection, well, we know what that’s called. It’s the opposite of Aloha. The separation of Breath. In this context, it is translated to mean “Haole.”) I have no judgment. My compassion will let you go… which I need in order to blossom in order to reach others. My message has never changed.

I want to be connected to the One Spirit without separation. I want Hawaii to Become Aloha again. To be reinstated from the Mission Statement of the word’s meaning, itSelf: Hawaii.

The Mission Statement of the word’s meaning, itSelf: Hawaii.

Ha—From the breath of life we connect to the
Wai—living waters from
I— the Source, —The One, The All, The Everything. Ke Akua. God. Mother Nature. Father of Law and Order. The Light, The Dark, The All and Nothing, Beginning and End. The Cause and The Effect. The Infinite Living Mind that we call Spirit. The Cause of Action and Becoming of Action that has no end…

Hawaii is not “a name”.
Again, It’s a Mission Statement.

Do you think it’s by coincidence that we are in the middle of the pacific ocean in such an interesting geographical location?
Do you think that by coincidence we are as culturally diverse as we are?

We are an Energetic Focal-Point of Planet Earth: the Ground-Zero of an EXPANSION of Human Consciousness.
Are you ready?
Or would you rather be left behind and miss out on a new way of seeing things?

I see it like this:
On my surfboard, I see the outside set. Here it comes… I’m on the wave, and I’m busting sprays.
Come, learn to swim better with me., paddle out… We might be able to share a thing or two with each other about Balance.

We go surf Life. Going crash anyways… We might as well RIDE’M.

I love writing. Wait til I start speaking… 😉